August 31, 2010

Farewell to Elise Blog Hop

Hello friends!
(Sorry this is a long post)
Today is Elise's final day as a Beary Scrappy Girl, and we're celebrating her friendship with a surprise

Farewell Elise Blog Hop!

My Magnolia Queen

(Big Thanks to Susan for making this picture for me)

We are sad to see her go and will miss her with all our hearts. We have delighted in her creations week after week and benefited greatly from her uplifting comments.

Elise, you are very special to each of us. As a way to recognize this, we've all played secret crafters and planners. We love a good surprise! Here are our projects, and please visit each of our blogs as we reflect on our time with you. {{big hugs}}

Elise my personal thanks to you, you have help inspire me with all your wonderful projects. You have made me step up my game with my cards and made me a better crafter. I love seeing all your beautiful Magnolia cards every week, hence the name I gave you as The Magnolia Queen. I love all the wonderful comments you make on my projects and bring a smile to my face when I read them. When I had to think of something I wanted to make to show you my appreciation for all you have done I could have made a card but I thought why not make something that you could keep on your desk and remember all of us at The Beary Scrap and it came to me a bear, lol. So I made a little container so you to store your cute little goodies in. This has been sitting on my desk now for about 2 weeks looking at me and brings a smile to my face seeing this little cutie looking at me.
I hope this brings a smile to you while your crafting.

My project recipe:
1 pringles can
Mulberry Roses

Now what fun is a blog hop without some candy.
Please visit each blog, and as you're crying along with us, be sure to become a follower if you're not already *and* leave a comment. Please post our candy on your blog, too. At the end, go back to The Beary Scrap Design Team blog and let us know you followed along - you could win
(even if you're international)!

The hop is open through Saturday, September 4th, and we'll announce a random winner from all the comments on Sunday. The prize is an assortment of embellishments* you'll find on Elise's fabulous projects: satin and sheer ribbons, lace, pearls, pins, little baubles and delicious flowers flowers flowers!

Here's the hop order - just like our weekly posts.

Susan - Killam Creative

Jamie's Scrap Garden

Patricia's Crafty Spot (your here now)


TBS Design Team Blog

The hop is open through Saturday, September 4th, and we'll announce a random winner from all the comments on Sunday. The prize is an assortment of embellishments* you'll find on Elise's fabulous projects: satin and sheer ribbons, lace, pearls, pins, little baubles and delicious flowers flowers flowers!

Thanks for helping us bid a fond farewell to Elise! Oh, and don't forget to pop on over to her beautiful blog - Paper Love Affair.

Big Hugs Elise

Now the tears are not over yet Elise head on over to
Gini's Blog
 to get some more Love


Elise said...

Okay, I am literally bawling like a freakin' baby!!!! OMG you girls astound me with your LOVE! I have goosebumps all over my arms and I'm having such a hard time typing!!! LOL! You know what happened?

I popped over to my blog and went to my thumbnail list to see what new creations my friends have created. And by golly, I saw a thumbnail pic of what looked like me!!!! So I did a bug eyed look and put my face up to the screen and I'm like, "Well holy smokes! That IS me!!!!!!!!!!!!" lmao!!!

Where do I begin? I am .... melting. My heart is aching, and yet, it's happy at the same time knowing that I've met all of you! I too have found each and every single one of you so inspiring to me.

Patricia .. every single week, I have looked forward to seeing your creations. I knew that every week, I would be smiling in my chair and gasping with delight! You too are such an inspiration to me, and I SOOOO love you! Thank you so much for ALWAYS leaving me so much love and supporting me in every single thing I did! You always made me SMILE!!! If I could reach through this screen and hug you ... sigh ... how I wish I could! But in my head, I really am hugging you so tight ... you're probably begging me to let go! LOL!

I know there are so many other things to say, but right now, I am so overwhelmed with so much love for you girls ... *sob, sniff, blubbering* ...

Thank you so much Patricia .. just for EVERYTHING and for being YOU.


Elise said...

Okay wait a minute there! hehe! By the way .. I giggled at the pic you and Susan made of me with the crown!!! lmao!!!!

And must I say? sigh ... THANK YOU soooo much for that STUNNING container you've made for me!!!! Oh my word?!!! Is that really for little ol' me?!!!! I am definitely keeping this on my craft desk and it will ALWAYS bring a smile to my face thinking of you!!! Only thing is .. I hope I can craft and not just STARE at this gorgeous container the entire time! hehe!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it Patricia!!! I'll always TREASURE this! Thank you!


theCook said...

That panda is so cute!!!

Kelly Massman said...

What a sweet bear! Love it!

Jamie said...

Patricia, this is gorgeous! I love the colors, papers, Panda, everything! You are amazing! Great job!

Lorraine said...

oh wow your project is stunning i am sure Elise will love this and miss you all so much xx

La Vikinga said...

Elise must be crying - but the little panda bear is SOOO cute!!

I am trying to participate in the bloghop although I ought to study...


Sassylassy said...

Poor Elise with all her water works going on. I'm sure you ladies are going to miss her dearly.
Patricia that tin is so adorable the Panda bear is just darling. How very very sweet of you all to have a hop for Elise.
Love Bonnie

Chelsea said...

lol @ Bonnie "Poor Elise with all her water works going on". But really, you two made me tear up too and I have nothing to do with it! lol How sweet for TBS to do this for Elise. Everyone would be so lucky to have her as a friend. :)

Your panda bear container is so cute and so unique! Elise will sure to treasure this and your friendship.
:) Chelsea

Cheryl Walker said...

awwww I know she will love this darling container!!! I know I would tooo :) hehehee :)

Love all the details youve added and the color combo! beautiful job on the DARLING tear bear!!!


beadz said...

Patricia - what a great idea, and you always are so creative with your tear critters. This is just so gorgeous!

Deb said...

Fabulous idea Patricia!! Elise will be thrilled!!
Deb T.

Shirley N said...

OMGosh your container is just fabulous, Elise is just going to love this! It is so beautiful! Wonderful farewell hop for a very deserving and beautiful person!

Theresa said...

What a beautiful thoughtful. Your team is so sweet to honor Elise with this blog hop. What a wonderful sendoff! I became a follower.

Lori said...

I LOVE this Patricia! And how sweet of you to send Elise off with a bang :)
Have a wonderful week!
Love and hugs ~

KarenB said...

That is the most adorable project, and I'm sure it will make Elise smile every time she sees it. Super sweet!

Krystle said...

Gorgeous altered project!

Mirabelka said...

absolutely adorable!!!

Stampin Mindy said...

Wow! That little bucket is super cute. Love the bear. Black, white and purple go so well together. Beautiful project.

Hugs, Mindy

Aly's mom said...

Tear bears and Peacock Lane. Two of my favorites! And just one more of tons of great ideas I've gotten since discovering The Beary Scrap!