September 11, 2010

9-11-01 Remembered! Never Forget!

9-11-01 Remembered

No card today just a post to remember all those loved ones we lost on
September 11, 2001
Please take a moment today to remember all those Men and Women we lost that day, forever changing our lives. You will always be in our hearts.

Please also keep your thoughts and prayers for all our Men and Woman serving our Country here and overseas.

Now I currently have 73 followers at the moment and every time I post something Army related I loose a follower, this has happened to me every time I have posted something. I don't mean to offend anyone but I am a very proud mom of a US Soldier and I have no problems telling everyone. And if I loose a follower to show support to my son and all other soldiers then I loose them. Agree or disagree with the war these soldiers are still our family.

Stay Safe and Stay Strong over there in Iraq TJ, I love you. I can't for you to come home in a couple of months.

Love, MOM


Eulanda said...

If people leave, screw 'em. Those aren't the kind of people you want commenting anyway. Thanks to people like your son, that even we in Canada can be safe too. Thank you.

Renkata said...

Good for you Patricia, you stand for what you are proud!
I admire that in people.
I am going to look around your blog now :)
Thanks for visiting my blog.

Kraftychick said...

WAY TO GO PATRICIA - I, like you, truly appreciate what these men and women (and their families) sacrifice every day to keep me and my family safe!!! We need more of us to stand up for our military AND our country AND our God if we are to survive!!

Thanks to you, your family, and your son!


Patricia said...

Thank you ladies so much for your support it means a lot!!

Carisa said...

Your son is so hansome!!! And I love how proud you are of him. I see you actually gained a follower this time! I hope every one of your followers sends up prayers for our troops to come home safely. *hugs*

Sylvia said...

Patricia, I'm German BUT I think you are right and you have any right to be proud of your son!! Because he's your blood and your family and you love him .. so BE PROUD of him and write about the war on your blog!
I think this what the whole 'free' world is fighting for: TOLERANCE!!!
Way to go, Patricia!!!
And all the best for TJ! Hope he will stay safe!!!
{big hugs}

Jackie Thomas said...

I know what it's like to have a loved one overseas defending our countries. My husband was in the Middle East last year and I am so very proud of him as you are of your son. I'm sure the people who have stopped following you don't have anyone serving our countries and therefore have no idea of the sacrifice these men and women go through each and every day. They also have no idea of the heartache we, who are at home have to endure, knowing that our loved ones are in such hostile locations. I hope the next couple of months fly by Patricia and your gorgeous son will be home with you and your family. If anyone drops off my followers list because of this, I wont be losing any sleep over it I can tell you. My thoughts are with you Patricia. Hugs xo Jackie

Sassylassy said...

Oh my sweetie good for you! Proud mama!!!! I have to agree with everyone here. Nicely said screw em if they don't like it. I personally don't know anyone in the military but I do show my support at Christmas. Sean and I send a huge box over sea's to our soldiers. It's not only a gift for the soldiers but it's a gift to eachother "Sean and I" to do something for someone else at Christmas. Family friends or not they are still ours and we are very proud of them all. We found a site called you may already know of it.
Your son is beautiful send our love and support to him from us.
Love Bonnie

Kylie said...

You now have 75 followers! You have support from everywhere Patricia including me. My partner served overseas last year over Christmas and the emotional stress alone is torture. My thoughts are with you and your family and stay strong thinking of the huge kisses and hugs you'll be giving your son soon!!
Love Kylie ox