June 8, 2010

Randon Acts of Krafting ask's How do you store your supplies?

Randon Acts fo Krafting

How do you store your supplies?
Well I'm so proud of my new scraproom, OK the room is 6 months old now but  I can show off a little more of it. Here is how I store my ribbon and stickles. The ribbon is on really thin curtain rods and the stickles are attached to a clear sheet of heavy plastic and attached with velcro. If you look closed enough you can see where the screws are in the plastic that attach it to the wall. Yes my walls are orange Super Cool if I must say so myself.

Most of my other supplies are all stored in clear plastic containers so I can see it all and not have to go digging for my goodies.

If you have any questions on what I have used please ask. Thanks for looking and you can check out Random Acts of Krafting ----HERE
I can't wait to see how everyone else keeps there goodies.


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Tanya Rudd said...

Brilliant! Love how you stored your stickles. Your orange wall is amazing too!