May 10, 2017

I Was Published in Just Steampunk Magazine by Pattys Crafty Spot

I had submitted to Just Steampunk Magazine a few months ago with several pictures and I was told that my stuff was perfect for the magazine, then the wait. The magazine is only published 4 times a year so it was going to be a few months till I would get to see it. I was going to be sent an advanced copy of the magazine, so every day about the end of April and first part of May I kept waiting on the mail to show so I could see what I had send was published. So imagine my surprise when the lady that stocks our magazines at work said the new issue was out and she had it. I had told her that I was going to be in the next issue so she was waiting on it as well. I was so excited to see that I had 3 full pages in it!!! Check them out.

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Altered Magick

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