February 3, 2012

Blogging vs Facebook and New Critters

Hello everyone!
It's been a couple of weeks since I posted and I have a few new Tear Critters from The Beary Scrap to show you, but first, How many of you are moving away from blogs and moving to facebook. I find that I post more over on facebook than I do here. But it's so much easier to post a quick note over there than to type up a blog post and add all the links. So if you don't see me here posting much make sure you head on over to facebook and become a fan of mine over there I post pretty much daily there, plus I love the interaction with people there. I want to show you the new releases from The Beary Scrap today and I just love them.

Are these guys just not the cutest ever. I just loved making them and especially Gina the Giraffe. I have some of these listed on eBay and they will be added to Etsy and my online store sometime this weekend. 
I also made another video of the new guys for The Beary Scrap alone with some hints on making them.


Make sure you head on over the The Beary Scrap and check out all the new patterns and Kimm also has some new very pretty colors of Mulberry Paper new to the store today. 
Thanks for looking
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Judy said...

I find I still go to blog and don't check FB very often ... I am not sure why? Your tear animals are so beautiful and I am going to watch the video right now:-)