July 4, 2010

Woo Hoo It's the 4th of July

It's the 4th of July and today we celebrate our Independence. Who do we thank for that but our brave Men and Women of our Military.
With out them who knows if we would have our freedom that we have today. And what they continue to fight for each and everyday!!!! Weather you approve of what our Military does or not those are our family members first and foremost and they need our support. They are someones Father, Mother, brother, sister, daughter or SON.
And I'm very honored to say:

Let me just tell you as I'm writing this post my emotions are very high praying for a very safe return for my SON from Iraq. As well as all our other soldiers over there.  I would like to share some pictures I have taken.

The first picture is a picture that I took at my Son's graduation back in 2008 I just love this picture with all the colored smoke in the background.

Now here are some very special pictures I wish to share.

My son is on the left.

Now is you are a regular follower this picture was posted on Mother's Day when he showed up and surprised me when he came home on leave.

My son is 4th from the left.

My son is 6th from the left.

This is the whole Bravo Co Bushmasters serving over in Iraq.

I wish to personal thank everyone of you for your services. I am very proud of everyone of you.

Thank you for looking at my post today and please take a minute to pray for each and everyone's safe return.


I am very proud of you TJ!!
Stay safe, I love you!

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Chelsea said...

Happy 4th. Patricia.
OMG these photos are so precious! Each one tells a special story. I love the color smokes too! Wow! You must be so so proud of him :)